HI my name is Jerry Van I am Veteran and member of the Los Angeles Chapter of Veterans for Peace. I have built this web site to inform you on the Incense Cedars "Our Peace Tree" and how they can help the environment with the carbon they store and also their lumber value.I will also give you information I feel is important and every American should know. I am even going to entertain you with some of my own experiences. I hope you enjoy my site and learn something you didn't know while you were visiting. Come back soon.
You can feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at 

This is one of the Incense Cedars I planted about 3 years ago.
Its a lot of work standing out here handing out "Our Peace Tree". It is worth all the work if I can help make the world a better place to live. Whether it is promoting the idea of peace or having someone plant trees that will help our environment.  
A Veteran's View of War
I have no problem walking between those who are with war, and those who are against war. This is our right, and I can only encourage all our people to use this right that I sworn to uphold the Constitution and its Bill of Rights.
    On Saturday morning, January 19,1991, ABC tv had a war update, and then they ran a segment for children to help them understand this war. One of the children they interviewed was an 8 year old girl who said, "If President Bush and President Hussein were women, we would not be in this war."
     To read this in its entirety go to A Veteran's View of War.

My incentive in giving away trees in support of world peace comes through my inspiration from American Indian culture. Quoting Paul Harvy from his Saturday radio program just before Thanksgiving in 1997;"Over half of what we eat will have come from our Indians... Our government is a blueprint of the Iroquois's government." We often hear "respect women," but doing so is not a primary value in our culture. America's great confederacy, the Iroquois League, was controlled by women and it abolished war amongst its member nations.

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